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Football Concussions

April 27, 2015
By Bsward27 BRONZE, Duluth, Minnesota
Bsward27 BRONZE, Duluth, Minnesota
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Football is responsible for the highest number of concussions in the US, because of the number of people participating and the character of the sport. When a football player suffers a concussion during a game or practice it is serious business. A player who suffers multiple concussions can develop long term brain damage. The general idea to prevent these concussions is to make rule changes and teach proper tackling form. Tackling with the correct technique is one of the biggest factors in preventing concussions. Helmet designs may also help to reduce the number concussions. Many universities are tested helmet designs for how well they can protect against concussions. Although helmet design may never prevent all concussions, evidence shows that it can reduce the incidence of this injury. Many new rule changes have been added in professional and high school football that prevent players with any symptoms of a concussion from returning to the game without certain approval. Concussions are a big problem in football today but with the correct precautions we can make the sport safer. 

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