What is Creative Writing?

March 8, 2014
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According to the internet, creative writing is words that express ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way. According to me, creative writing is being able to create an original and inspiring piece of work based on a unique vision inside my own head. Jotting down some simple words, no matter what they’re about, is all I need to get started. “Write something. Anything.” It may sound simple, but it has taken me a lot of time and energy to really discover my own style of writing. The more I think about it, the more I love it. The fact that I have the ability to take all my memories and experiences and anonymously retell them in any form of literature, amazes me.

Writing about my feelings is all about voice. For some people, it is the best form of therapy and for others it is the best way to remember all the ups and downs they have had in their lives. Writing about opinions can help people realize how much they’ve grown and how far they’ve come over periods of time. I’m not all too experienced in what dull people consider reality, but in my mind, in my imagination, I’ve been through the entire world and back. I can be anything I want to be in my thoughts. I have the power to recreate myself as numerous characters, each carrying different traits of mine. It isn’t an easy task trying to form the twenty-five simple letters of the alphabet into endless words that can describe almost anything, it is actually quite difficult, a person just has to be up for the challenge to explore their own ideas.

Creativity is the key to it all. All a person really needs is the want and the passion to do it. I have come to many conclusions about creative writing. Most of the time, I am a bit “out there” and by that I don’t mean outspoken. Some of the world’s best writers are the quietest people ever. I mean I am brave enough to really sit down and think for myself. I think of what I want to tell others, and then say it. I write my own authentic stories. I give myself the life I want, I define it, then I go after it. I dedicate myself to it. The best part about it all is that it helps me forget about the real world.

As a young child I was taught to play “make-believe.” Everyone has had unrealistic dreams but in today’s society, not only do those big dreams get crushed, but they make people feel foolish if they want to pursue them. I dare half the people in today’s society to have even the slightest amount of imagination that creative writers have. Who cares if I’m “maturing”? I can still daydream and act as if reality doesn’t exist. What reason is there not to? Nobody ever told me I was too old to play pretend anyways.

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