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May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Hunting is a well known sport to people all over the world. Hunting is one of my most favorite sports to do beside’s 4-wheeling. The animals I like to hunt the most are whitetail deer and wild turkeys. One of things that I think is best about hunting is just being outdoors with all the animals. The one thing I hate most about hunting is people poaching animals.

Whitetail deer and wild turkeys are the two animals are most hunted where I live in Minnesota. I’ve shot 3 turkeys and 5 deer. Where I live there's more turkeys then deer it seam’s like. Hunting is not bad for the animals it controls the population so it doesn't get out of control. If we did not hunt there would be many deer dyeing of starvation, and there would be a lot more car accidents.

It’s the same with the wild turkeys there population would get out of control too. One day my dad counted how many turkeys there were in are yard, there was 120 and he stop counting because they were milling to gather.

The other main thing about hunting is people that poaching. Poaching is a big topic where I live because the world’s largest 8 pt. buck was poached by where I live. And are neighbors got caught baiting a couple years ago. The DNR took there rifle’s and there trucks.

I talk about why we need hunting and poaching. I hope that none of you that hunt don’t poach, cause that’s what gives hunter’s a bad name.

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