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December 20, 2009
By im.flying BRONZE, Pennington, New Jersey
im.flying BRONZE, Pennington, New Jersey
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we have so many pairs of cheer shoes that we could wear a pair a day and it can last us until the next year
we own every single color of soffee shorts and have doubles and triples of colors
we love bows and ribbon
we own enough spirit make up to fill our bathroom
we went through camp for allstars and school in two weeks and don't know how we made it
our closets are full of competition t shirts
our standing back handsprings have been perfect for years
you look back on pop warner and think damn that was the life
you still have your pop warner uniform
you look best in your school colors
your room is covered in millions of pictures from games
you've been elected homecoming princess at least once
you know all the names and numbers of each football player since your freshman year
you practice cheers and dances all day in class and then don't want to go to practice
you live for the 3 minute super high arenaline rush you get during competition
new uniforms are like Christmas
the only part of pep rally you like is performing
you live for when you'll get to be captain senior year
you hope one day that you'll have a daughter that's a cheerleader
Bring It On are your favorite movies
you know flying isn't just for birdies
backspot:you'll always be there for your flyer, no matter what
bases: you throw harder than anyone
flyer: we love being thrown hard
your split is no longer a stretch
your jumps are so high they can't get any higher
your toes are always pointed
every part of your body has been wrapped at least once
you think a football player and a cheerleader together is still the dream
you secretly want to hook up with your secret senior
you never get any sleep homecoming week
gliter is a life saver while making posters
you look forward into the future when you won't have cheerleading and know you'll miss it more than anything

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on Jan. 7 2010 at 6:12 pm
im.flying BRONZE, Pennington, New Jersey
3 articles 0 photos 2 comments
you know a basket isn't just in basketball