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Middle school vollyball

November 13, 2009
By SamiRaie96 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
SamiRaie96 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Don't worry, it will get better. Just sit back and eat some chocolate!!!!

The rush i feel as i step up to serve.
The quietness as the ball hits the floor as i get ready to serve.
The way the wistle blows, telling me its time to start.
The contact my hand makes with the ball with a satisfying smack.
The way my coach tells me good serve as the other coach tells her team go for it.
the amazing smack the ball makes with the floor.
The way my team highfives me as i get ready to serve again.
The way it all repets itself for 5 serves.
The way vollyball brings joy to my life!

The author's comments:
i have played vollybal for about 2 years now for my middle school and i love it. it is a great sport.

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