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Taekwondo Wonders

September 21, 2009
By `snickers SILVER, Tarlac, Other
`snickers SILVER, Tarlac, Other
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when i was a kid i`ve always wanted to attend ballet lessons or go for a full kickin` action in taekwondo. just imagine, me with that purdy tutu dress on my tutu world or a white premium twill uniform with my black belt doing some action right on those wide rubber mats. not only did that day has not yet befallen, but my interest and will to learn taekwondo/ballet has faded as i grew old with loads more things to dream and want about.

yesterday, i woke up in the morning thinking how a burden this "pe requirement" is to my weekend. i mean, why waste time watching people do karate chops inside a hot, boring gymnasium when you could slouch off the whole day and talk about your fandoms with your online friends? i even said, "i`d rather spend P150 for practical shooting than for a P40 ticket to watch taekwondo matches. what a bummer."

and guess what? i ended up eating my own words.

taekwondo is soooo win! that day added relish to my interests towards this korean martial art. kids, pre-teens, and a few more teens are gathered for high-geared battles to gain those championship trophies.

those kids got good self defense attacks while i... i seriously got nothing, not even high-heels to poke on their faces. there`s this cute kid i saw from the back of the gym, pending for his first match, and i found myself spazzing over him and his pink towel. he`s so cute that i even compared him to a "soft siopao." his first match went oh-so swell that i even cheered for him even though i barely know the kid.

then here comes kid #2 with a blue headgear, red armor, packed with a neoprene ankle support, arm and shin guards plus a yellow belt to top it. i saw him on that same chair where i found kid #1. i wasn`t able to see his first battle for my growling tummy won over my desire to watch him in action. but don`t get me wrong, i am NOT a pedophile. i`m just an average girl who`s fond of little kids, and i think i might end up as a kindergarten teacher for this. XD

we took our early lunch and we went back just in time to reach their break. we started moving on with the interview (part of that pe requirement) and kid #1 and #2 was first on my list! i met kid #1 on the way, i asked for his name, i let him have his lunch before i ask questions to him. so i interviewed a different kid from my hometown, he`s a very shy kid and he`s a brown belter. second comes another kid which has only 4 months of training. he loves so many diff kinds of kicks like in-out kick, out-in kick, front stretch kick, snap kick, side kick, turning long, and jumping turning side. he was able to demonstrate one of his fave kicks which is the "jumping turning side."

then i was able to interview kid #1. he also had 4 months of training, a yellow belter, and has won 3 national competitions. cool, right?

while looking for more kids to interview we saw a couple of girls doing practice right on the doorway, they`re really friendly and benevolent. one of them is a black belter and the three got brown belts. and from those girls they had a guy together with their team, a brown belter as well, he has 3 years of training, has attended the Milo Olympics, his fave kick is round house, and his inspiration is his cousin.

of course, i had a chance to interview kid #2. yay! he had a yellow belt, he started training last summer and his inspiration would also be that famous athlete and taekwondo practioner here in our country. he showed his fave kick which is the "turning side." i saw his last match and his opponent totally kicked him right in his pretty face. i even thought he`s going to cry like the other kids i`ve seen but NOOOO... he kept his cool, he stayed composed and he was able to say "it`s ok" to the referee even though it hurt so bad from the looks of it. and we`re like "WOW" right back at him because it`s incredible, really, how he kept relaxed and upbeat.

so we cheered for them all the way, even though my throat hurt from screaming, i feel so glad knowing that they could hear us yelling their names like 'go this' and 'go that.' i had so much fun and i hope i will be able to learn taekwondo someday. those kids are such inspiration, it would be great to have a sport you can play with or be proud of once in a whie. i am actually not into sports that much (well... not until that day). i only play chess but i still suck at it.

so maybe i`ll join the training here in our college, and if ever, i wouldn`t miss a chance getting a one-on-one match with those cool, energetic, buoyant and totally awesome youngsters. it`s an honor to be able to meet and talk to them.

so let`s get kickin`! yeaaaah!

The author's comments:
i am so inspired... seriously. thanks to those kids. i miss them a lot.

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