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June 2, 2009
By Chris Olmstead BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Chris Olmstead BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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There are many great places to live, but few offer so many opportunities as the last frontier. Being in such a secluded area has done much for me. Without the distractions of man and technology, the last frontier in Alaska has much more to offer. So not long ago I decided to move there and see what it has in store for me. By going there I had also hoped to discover something new about myself or the world, maybe even change my living style.

The first thing that I did upon arriving there was establish myself in the land and become familiar with it. I built myself a small hut, made of the most basic materials. In fact, more of it is underground as I saw it wise to build it into the hill. After I had created a shelter and gathered ample amounts of supplies, I realized I had free time, large amounts of time that few ever come by. I thought about questions in life, about life, in a life that few come to have.

If the purpose of life is to reproduce, what is the point? It means that dying is inevitable, so why waste time doing…anything? When a life passes away, so does all of their knowledge, which may have been helpful or completely useless. The information would eventually be rediscovered, but what will it help achieve? Longer life? It still will not stop the passage of time and life, so why learn? Is it to get a good job that will make life easier, make life even more pointless with less to do? If that is so, then why not revert to true socialism? Not that crazy communism style ideology that is worse for the people, but true socialism, where people are all equal., where everyone does the same amount of work for the same amount of reward. Doing so would rid the world of hatred and maybe that would be an achievement in the short lifespan of a human. Even so, why are people so persistent in surviving? If the whole world acknowledged that, then what would happen, what would everyone do? Would they bring their lives into their own hands and end it sooner than nature intended, or would the whole world lose all comprehension and fall apart.

For many seasons I pondered, answered, and created questions such as those. In the end, I felt different, as I grew an understanding to what life meant to me. My job is to spread the ideas, the knowledge, the enlightening information that many people needed.

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