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Hunting Is Not Okay

December 11, 2018
By Janeth916 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Janeth916 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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There has been a lot of hunting all over the world. There is trophy hunting that they call a sport and it is Americans that do it the most. Killing animals should not be called a sport because it is bad and it shouldn’t be allowed. There are also people out here that pay a lot of money to eliminate a animal and that isn’t so smart. Corey Knowlton bid $350,000 for a permit to hunt and kill a black rhino. 70.4% of Americans would pay to view these creatures while 6.6% would pay to hunt them. At the end, they take away from the animals once they are dead.

I believe that hunting is not okay because the animals that are living with us on this planet should be able to roam around without anyone trying to attack them and their families. People should really consider banning hunting because it can put the animal closer to extinction. For example the woolly mammoth, saber toothed tiger, and the dodo bird have all been extinct because humans would hunt them. Weather and food supply might have been a reason why they also died off. Either way, humans had a part in killing them and that is why they don’t exist anymore. If they continue killing the animals that we have now it would make a impact in our environment.

We should be protecting these animals from extinction because even sometimes they help us. People think that by killing animals it helps balance the environment but it really doesn’t. Animals have their own way of population control and human beings ruin that process. Without animals we would be nothing because some of them are the reason we have certain things. For example, sheep wool helps make shirts, socks, and yarn. We also get milk and they even help us with our health.

When the hunters kill animals, the animals don’t die right away so they are able to feel the pain. When they shoot their target and bring the animal down, they take away their features such as their tusk, and skin. For instance, I watched a video of a rhino that was laying down alive and he had a big hole in front of his face where his horn used to be. He was of course bleeding and it was very sad and disturbing to watch because how can anyone do that to a living creature. This makes people feel some type of way like myself because if they really aren’t supposed to be here why would they exist in the first place, even though I believe they do have a purpose here on Earth and we should cherish them.

Some people think that hunting is okay and that there is nothing wrong with it however, I think that animals play a big part in our world. Also, I think hunting should be banned because sometimes we need to put ourselves in the animals position and think about how we would feel if someone came around and shot at us for fun. What these people are doing to these beautiful animals is very cruel because animals do die because of natural causes but humans are the reason why some of  these animals are dying and we are not doing anything to stop this.

This isn’t a sport and should never have been called one because they are doing this for fun and that is just wrong to all the animals. Some animals are already under threat and humans are just adding to it. People should not be around animals if they are not going to treat them right. It is actually really unfair to me because no body tries to stop all of this from happening and that sucks because after a couple years the animal might not exist in our world no more and we would just be seeing them in pictures. 

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Hurting animals is not my thing and I honestly dont understand why others think its okay to do it. I dislike the poeple who hurt these animals just because they are bored. I love all animals and want to save all of them from getting killed and extinction. 

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