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My Creation Myth

October 28, 2016
By Gemini01 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
Gemini01 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
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In the beginning, there existed only four different beings. These beings were Gods, Angels, Demons, and Spirits. For the longest time, they battled over who would determine the fate of the universe. Though many died, there were always more, so much to the point no side could gain advantage of the other. This battle continued for what some would guess thousands of years, since the years did not exist during this battle. Then finally, all four beings came to a conclusion. This conclusion, was that no matter how long they fight, they would never be able to destroy each other. So, instead of one being creating the universe, they all contributed to what we call our world today. The Gods created the Earth, the Oceans, and the Sky, so that we might have a world to live. The Angels created the Sun, Moon, and Stars, so that we may always have light to guide our path. The Demons created the Night and things such as Poison and Disease, so that our fear may always make us cautious. Finally, the Spirits created the Plants and Animals, so that there way be other beings for us to coexist with and so that we may have food to eat. To this day they are still shaping the world we know, and they shall continue to do so until the end of time, Together.

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Across all religions, there is usually a God-like being, followers of the God-like being, Demons and Monsters, and Spirits. Usually one side is said to be trying to destroy the other, and that that battle continues to this day. But if this is the case, how have they not yet destroyed each other? How would a God have even had the chance to create our world along with us? This article is my own personal way of explaining this that I thought others might find interesting. Please tell me what you think.

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