I am more than your mediocre perceptions

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I am more than my late night thoughts

I am more than my waist line

I am more than the size of my thighs

I am more than a label

I am more than the rumors you’ve heard

I am more than my past

I am more than my scars, both physically and emotionally

I am more then your assumption

I am more than the clothes I wear

I am more than my GPA

I am more than sex

I am more than a number in the world

I am more than a female

I am more than my physical features

I am more than all the shallow perceptions the world formulates combined.

I am: the books I read, the ideas I voice, the sketches I create, the hugs I give, the ear I lend, the laughter I give, the eye contact I hold, the way I spend rainy days, the music I sing in the shower, the movies that change enlighten my perspective, the pages I write, the knowledge learn/know/inquire, the happiness cooking brings, the tears that smear make up, the way I fall in love, the blessed healthy/curvy body I have, the lessons I’ve learned, the dreams crave, the ink smeared on my hands from writing all day, the wrinkle between my nose, the secret ticklish spots, the shade of pink my cheeks flush, the warmth of my voice, the innocence I hide, the kisses I trail, the hope I project, the choice of perfume I embody.

I am more than the negative aspects society seems to drown me in.

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