lift a prayer

Do you find yourself over stressed? are you overwhelmed? You don't know what to do. How to fix it. You think you fix it by hurting yourself. You turn to drugs, you turn to alcohol. You lay around and soak in stress. you build a big hole to fall into. What if a told you that I know you're in a hole but I have a way to fix it.

Instead of growing deeper in a hole you received a rope to pull you out. What if I told you that if you look up there will be a hand reaching down to pull you out? To hold you. TO take care of your problems. IF I told you will you believe me? Will you see it if you look up? Maybe that hand needs to be wanted. Needs to have a reason to reach down. Will you accept it? Will you reach up? God said he will be there when you need him, even if you can't see him. Not everyone turns to god in hard times. We may think Well I turned to God but I still lost a loved one. I still got hurt, rapped, beaten or abused. You may think god was never there. that he never cared, but indeed he was. god was always there. Showing you a mercy in disguise. Showing you healing and love. It's up to you to see it for what it is.

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