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The Question

December 17, 2012
By NinjaW GOLD, Indianola, Iowa
NinjaW GOLD, Indianola, Iowa
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Some say there is
Some say not
Some who do, fear him
Others love him
Some think of him as a guide
A father
A mother
A friend
Some a creator purely in that sense
Saying the universe as clockwork
There had to be a clockmaker and
Someone to oil up the old gears
Others see a god as a punisher
A corrector
Expecting perfection in all the world
In a world without perfection at all
Others see open arms and calming words
Saving Grace
A God of wind a fire and rain
A God of power and might
A God of divinity
But not all
Other have nothing to say
That there is none
And that is it
No questions and no answers
Thos questions they have about a god
Just cannot be answered
Not by someone else
Or reason
So there are no perceptions
So what happens after?
That is a question
Is it nothing?
Do you become only the flowers and the trees?
Is that what happens?
That is an answer.
Or is there something?
There could be
Don’t ask me.

The author's comments:
Wrote this for English class, did not go over so well, but I hope you enjoy!

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