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Moral Law

February 22, 2011
By Anonymous

Although Humanists would disagree with the existence of moral law because they hold to the belief that there is no right and wrong, I believe that everyone has basic moral guidelines within them that assist them in making their choices, because by looking at humans themselves and the choices they make we can deem that there is something that affects their decisions.

Many people believe that there is no right and wrong, that is why some individuals justify their actions by using that theory. Many defendants in court are found not guilty because the judge and jury believe the defendant did not know of a right and wrong. This idea is simply impeccable, everyone knows what is right and what is wrong, we wouldn’t have laws if there was no set right and wrong (Mere Christianity, 5). There would be no way governments could be established, no order, only chaos, that is what the world is coming to today because more and more people are not following the Law.

Humanists would make the argument that moral law does not exist in the slightest, but C.S. Lewis says otherwise. He states that all men are implanted with a moral law, or the Law of Human Nature (Mere Christianity, 8). He explains that there is evidence for the existence of moral law in every area of life. Lewis gives a fine example of putting the reader in the shoes of someone who can save someone else from drowning. Your first impulse is to save him, you think that is the right thing, but your flesh says that you should just walk away (Mere Christianity, 10). That first urge to save him is the Law of Nature influencing your conscience to do the right thing.

The Humanist’s and atheists’ whole argument is not a very solid one. Lewis says, “Whenever
you find a man who says he does not believe in a Right and Wrong, you will find the same man going back on this a moment later (Mere Christianity, 6).” So even when humanists argue to defend their own views, they are already going against them. They hold their views to be true, they view them to be the correct views, and anyone else’s to be wrong. There is no way one can escape from moral law, it is a part of them that is irremovable. It was granted to all by God to create order in the world, and lay down a cornerstone for all laws that have ever existed.

In since everyone has the Law of Nature wouldn’t they follow it? They do not because of free will, which is the choice to choose either right or wrong. All humans also choose the wrong way because their flesh tells them to do the most joyous or pleasureful thing, which is often the wrong one to choose. C.S. Lewis presents this quite well in The Great Divorce. In one of many sections, characters are offered a chance to go to Heaven, but many of them decided to stay in Hell because it was easier (Great Divorce, 53). We all know that it is better to follow the Law, because that is how we are wired. If people conform to their Law the earth would be a much more satisfactory place to abide in.

If everyone did obey the Law of Nature, things would be much better, but it still would not be perfect because moral law differentiates between cultures. An example of the differences between cultures is Nazi Germany. They thought it was right to exterminate the Jews while everyone else thought it was the wrong thing to do and brought it to an end. But the majority of people have the same basic set of beliefs in what is right and wrong.

The Law is not an instinct, it is what guides our instincts. Like instincts though, we have the choice to either follow it or not. God has given us the freewill to do what we desire. One problem that surfaces a lot is that people try and warp the Law of Nature so they think whatever they
choose to do is right.

We all ought to follow it, but we choose not too (Mere Christianity, 21). We are not perfect, but we should strive as hard as we can to be as much like Christ as possible. Everyone breaks the Law at times, but if we try our hardest to follow it, one will feel more rejuvenated than if one had chosen not to follow it (Mere Christianity, 6-7). And if one is a Christian they will reap rewards in Heaven. If everyone accepts the Law, people will be brought closer to Christ, because the moral guidelines within them were given to them by God.

When the world is observed, the only things that can be seen are chaos and decay. That is the result of sin, which is the result of not following the Law of Nature. Everyone must all learn to accept the Law, and not push it away. In the end everyone should want to leave the earth a better place.

Even though Humanists, atheists, and other individuals would argue that there is no universal moral law, I and all Christians believe that we all have distinct moral guidelines implanted within us that assist in making everyday decisions. Because by looking at humanity itself and the choices people make, one can deem that there is something affecting their decisions.

There is a great multitude of evidence supporting that a Law of Nature exists. Anyone who does not believe in it has already gone against their worldview. No one can deny the existence of moral law, it is so easily spotted in society today (Mere Christianity, 17-18). One can see by laws in governments that someone in those governments have some idea what right and wrong is. Also if you even take a glimpse at yourself, you make choices everyday that are wrong and right. The world is full of obvious evidence supporting moral law that any argument made against it automatically commits the Straw-man Fallacy and is invalid.

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I completely agree with this. This was a well thought out article and I think that it was wise to use C. S. Lewis quotes. Great job supporting your evidence. I too believe that all humans are wired with moral law: If we weren't we would be able to do anything, and the world would be chaos. If we can be held responsible we can make the world a better place. It will never be perfect until Jesus comes back, but we can help others see God.