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My Bible

May 23, 2023
By Anonymous

For me, my Bible is the most important object to me. The Bible is very important to me because it helps me daily. In this life, my main goal is to fully experience God’s love and what he has for me in store. It is the only consistent thing I've had and it never fails me. He has brought me through some of the hardest times, no matter the circumstance. The most challenging thing, though, is wanting others to experience it also without pushing them. The only way I can really explain it is to think about it like a cure for a disease. Now in this case, the disease would be all the hurt in this world like depression, addiction, death, sickness, ect. If I found a cure to this disease, it would be selfish to keep it for myself only. I would want to share the cure to everyone, so they can experience healing like I have.This doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen to me, but being able to have that outlet helps me get through them, instead of going to the wrong things to cope. With that being said, I want that to always be my main focus for my life and my bible helps me with that.

My favorite book in the Bible is Job. It’s about a man named Job, who lost all of his possessions and family. He remained faithful, but it wasn’t until the suffering of his own health that really tested him. He became very sick and weak, not being able to take care of himself. Everyone around him is telling him to curse God, but Job refuses. He remains hopeful even when his life is falling apart. In the end, God rewards Job for being faithful. This book has helped me a lot in my life. When I feel like everything in my life is falling apart, I can still trust in God’s plan for me.

Somewhere in my future, it would be my dream to travel around the world on mission trips to teach people about the Bible. I think it would not only help the people being taught, but it would give me a whole new perspective on life. There are so many people around the world that are way less fortunate than I am, yet so much more thankful for the little things. We are so caught up with things that don’t matter, it distracts us from the things that really do matter. Helping young kids would grow so many hearts closer to God and I would love that.

The author's comments:

I am very passionate about my beliefs, and I want other to experience it too!

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