Described As...

December 21, 2017
By , Durham, ME

The attributes I am described by are the things that shape me as a person, I am only known through the words I am described by and the words used by my peers. I am described by the words adventurous, kind, caring, and dedicated. The one I am most proud of though is being caring. I try my best to help out my friends and be supportive. Another attribute I am described as is dedicated. I do my best work in school and I am dedicated to my team, and as captain, I have a lot of responsibility. I am proud of the attributes my close friends describe me with and these words are the things that shape me as a person. Words are very powerful and can mean a lot. Words are how people describe others and how they are feeling. These are the strengths I bring to the world. But the power of words brings many strengths and the way they are used to describe people and objects give us a great deal of control and invincibility.

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