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Role of Youth to Bring Peace in Society

June 9, 2015
By FierceDreamer BRONZE, Karachi, Other
FierceDreamer BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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Everyone is aware of the fact that nowadays there are so many differences and contradictions between the people that they don’t even try to unite as one. To be one, they have to work hard to eradicate the internal disputes that divide them and they have to show maturity as well as a sense of national responsibility. A question always occurs in my mind: what can I do to make this world a safe haven where I could roam freely at night, where children could play on streets and where mothers could wear jewellery? I am not the only one who thinks about it every night hoping for a better dawn but, I am absolutely sure that all of you want to do something which could bring a change to this world.

Unfortunately, the youth is lacking behind in promoting peace in society. In my point of view our youth does not lack in ideas of changing our society but, proper guidance is not being provided to us. Nowadays many educated people are involved in terrorism this proves that only education is not enough for us. We need to create social interaction outside the web amongst us. We can form particular teams amongst us to promote living with peace. Some of us can play a part in cleaning the roads and planting more trees, some can help the sufferers of an epidemic, while others can visit the slum areas to teach the illiterate.

Disables people are an important part of society and can play a vital role in bringing peace. In this huge world there is no entertainment for people with disabilities. I think that youth can bring forward the idea of special malls and cinemas where the deaf and dumb can watch movies with sign language, blind can watch the movies with clear graphics.

One thing we can change within ourselves is that we should not misuse the facilities provided to us. We can also get trainings in first aid, fire fighting, air raid precautions, nursing etc.

All I can say is that we are young Seagulls, trying to fly without feathers. Youth is one of the biggest assets of Earth and they must be fully utilized. The solution is in our hands. We need to change ourselves; our attitude and approach should be based on sensibility, responsibility, tolerance and patience. Always remember that the first step is essential. Soon we will achieve a positive and green society.   

The author's comments:

I have written this article to encourage youth all over the world to promote peace in society.

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on Oct. 23 2017 at 10:51 am
This is a very good and helpful article for me but there are so many grammatical errors in the article

Fatima Zia said...
on Jan. 7 2017 at 7:28 am
Superb, and Irresistible thinking.....