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Why Are You A Secret?

August 22, 2014
By Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
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Hate is irrational and stupid yet we still feel/do it, especially with ourselves. Yes i said it. Most of us hate ourselves from the smallest zit to kinkiest part of our personalities. But why? We keep it a secret when it's a part of who we are. Here's a secret: these secrets we keep, are other people's secret too so you're not as alone as you think.

From the moment you're born, you're supposed to be normal like everyone else. You're supposed to keep everything to yourself instead of relying on others who are probably going through the same thing. Old generations call it "Not burdening your friends with your problems." And it is how we are still taught today.

Do we really have to do that now? Times are changing. Who cares if you're afraid of the dark? Who cares if you're fat? Who cares if you're not popular? Who cares if you love science? Who cares if you're Gay, Lesbian, Transexual, Bi or Straight? Who cares? Just you. Just be yourself. Be proud of the way you are. And most importantly, love yourself. Not in a narcissitic way, but in an accepting way. Own it.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by the songs Secrets by Mary Lambert and All About the Bass by Meghan Trainor, which both amazing songs that talk about their way of dealing with our society's ways in a poppy catchy sense. After listening to these songs a couple times, I realized they're kinda right, but that's just my opinion. Leaving this with the words of Mary Lambert, "So what?"

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