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Mexico: A Very Dysfunctional Counrty.

December 14, 2008
By Anonymous

The Mexican Government is so corrupt and unorganized they have little control over their people and themselves. High murder rates, dishonesty and flexibility are ingredients for a dysfunctional country; exactly what Mexico is.
Unlike the old views of noble Mexico, today there is terror and blood on the streets today. About two weeks ago I went to visit my grandparents; in three days I read about thirty murders, all which were related to drug trafficking. South of our border there is a not a government, but instead a dictatorship, where you gain power through owning a gun and through intimidation.
In Mexico, people do as they please, rarely do people follow the laws. Traffic laws especially, the stop lights might as well be turned off. During our visit my dad was speeding and a cop pulled him over, according to the cop he would need to pay a $100.00 fine, in order to obtain his license back. My dad then offered him $50.00, as the officer pocketed the money; with a smile he gave my father his license. If that’s how everything works, then it's no wonder why Mexico is the country it is.
The most upsetting thing to me is Felipe Calderon’s take on narcotics. Mexico is one of the leading countries in the drug market. The President recently made a speech about their actions. “We are beginning a war against drug dealers and in this war innocent people will die”. My problem is that if they would enforce laws and respect their people things like that would not happen. My cousin’s nephew was shot because of problems my cousin had, the Eleven-year-old had nothing to do with it, and still he was hurt. There will never be action taken seriously because the government wants money, and a drug dealer pays up to $60,000 to a cop to snitch out the government and tell them the their next move, at that rate Mexico will just have to give into the black market.

Mexico is very hopeless, because its people are not loyal to each other. Maybe in six more years when a new president is elected we’ll see change. Until then I plan to stay home because I don’t want to be another innocent person to die in their war.

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