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July 23, 2014
By ForeverYours_Breezy PLATINUM, Dickinson, Texas
ForeverYours_Breezy PLATINUM, Dickinson, Texas
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Being unsocial is very difficult in our world today. All the new social websites or apps like instagram, facebook, vine, twitter, etc. You can't not have those things without being picked on because you aren't up to date on the newest trend or the newest couples.
Most kids all want to be popular these days but what is the point? Being popular just means everyone wants to be just like you. You shouldn't be like someone else because you should only be you. Being yourself is what this world needs.
It is okay to be unsocial, if that is who you are then be social or unsocial. It really doesn't matter in my opinion as long as you are you.
Trust me sometimes i am unsocial. Especially at school in classes that i have no friends in. My teachers have all of us stand up in front of the class and give our presentation. Every time i get up there and look at all my peers, it freaks me out. Sometimes i have an anxiety attack because i am so scared of what everyone is going to say. Then at times i am very social when i am with my friends.
Just know being social or unsocial doesn't really define who you are. It just says if you like to talk or not. So, don't let those words define who you are. Are you social or unsocial.
Love, TheOneAndOnly Bre

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