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Defying Demons

November 13, 2008
By Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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Defying Demons
We have all had horrible and internally damaging events scar us for life, but it’s the uphill battle to overcome the pain that defines us. We all haven’t had the love we all feel we deserve, and we all have had to wake up and look in the mirror at something we didn’t like. As a society we strive on degrading one another to strengthen one's confidence, but we could work as one to help one another overcome their insecurities. We all have our own imperfections and all have unfavorable characteristics, but pain for pain and scar for scar we are all one in the same. Everyday is a struggle, the quiet ones are unconfident that they are unworthy of the loud and can't fit in with the norm; the loud and cocky portray confidence but still go to bed as weak as the rest. The demons inside do not stop and they will not go away with time. It is a day to day, minute to minute battle to quiet the inner comments, but it is a duty that separates the weak from the strong. You will not forget the horrible memories and the way you felt when experiencing them, but it’s the battle forward that can make them lost in memory forever. If you quiet yourself because you think your words are less worthy than others, or you look in the mirror and find flaws about yourself everyday, or if you can't seem to win at something you know you can; it’s the inside that needs to be altered. Take the time everyday to realize who loves you and cling to the ones that have been there for you and will help you through the tough times to come. Defy the Demons inside and silence there comments, wake up tomorrow positive and confident that you are worthy and all those memories and people that said, “You couldn't” are just part of the weak and from now on you're part of the strong. Look in the mirror, take note, because that person is no more. It’s the love, the moments, the people, the components, the small things, and only the right things. Believe, because the person you are striving to be is looking right back at you in the mirror you just have to have the faith and instead of forgetting the horrible memories, forget the voices reminding you of them. Tomorrow be positive to your neighbor because as a community, a nation, and a world, we strive as one...

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on Oct. 17 2015 at 12:38 pm
anothergreektragedy PLATINUM, Pembroke, Massachusetts
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Just laugh

This is so powerful. I can relate on some many levels to what your writing about. I could build a skyscraper with all the levels on which i relate! Your point of view is great, please never lose it. The world needs more of what you are representing with pieces like this.

Batmar BRONZE said...
on Jan. 31 2014 at 2:32 pm
Batmar BRONZE, Burlington, New Jersey
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"Danger is real but, fear is choice"

This article had really spoken to me. It told me so much about life and what to expect about the future of it. 

on Nov. 21 2008 at 6:56 pm
I thought this was a really good article.

Dub C said...
on Nov. 20 2008 at 9:04 pm
maddy, please find me on facebook by my screen name, i would love to talk with you. keep reading my work

Maddy said...
on Nov. 20 2008 at 5:10 pm
Hello, Scott. My name is Madelynne. I've read many of your articles/poetry and I especially liked this one. There is a book I believe you should read. It is called "The Secret". Please read it.It will forever change your life, as it did mine. I'd really like to talk with you.

on Nov. 19 2008 at 11:27 pm

on Nov. 19 2008 at 1:20 am
This is a powerful essay, and indeed, the "demons" inside are ever present.

But sometimes, the demons are too powerful.

Take it from me, they are much, much too powerful.

erinxoxo said...
on Nov. 19 2008 at 12:51 am
Wow Scott, that was a really powerful piece of writing. It's totally true and you hit it right on. Your an amazing writer, keep moving forward! =)erin