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Messiah of the Broken

March 25, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

The thing we know as time had long since been discarded, as I looked into the world of brown eyes that was all I could see. In those eyes rested the soul of who I know to be Maddy Lamb, but the name was entirely irrelevant, for what I was had no name, no need of a name, just recognition of what her thoughts and feelings represent. Her mind was of love and a blazing passion, and of a million other things, all directly involved and centered on me, it was of a true focus which conveyed the most profound of her secrets; she was giving me the power to destroy her. Her feelings were in a perfect tandem with her mind; the only difference was the immense intensity of each emotion, of which all emotions ever felt were co-existing at once, giving life to the purest of all feelings ever felt, simultaneously. Her mind and her emotions were seamlessly enmeshed, introducing into existence, for the first time ever, complete peace and serenity; harmony and light; pure selflessness, and most astounding, perfection.

For something such as this, for the birth of a true greatness, of purity unmatched, no name can ever be given, no name can even be attempted, for it would be desecration, only acceptance of the feelings and sights can leave it pure and perfect. Witnessing, an event of such magnitude is the most powerful thing in existence, next to being a part of the event, as I was. You cannot walk away the same, even if you only felt a piece of the event, its effects are powerful enough to change who you are as a soul, it changes the way you think, the way you feel, the way you understand life. You will never look at another as they look on the surface, you’ll seek to penetrate beyond their physical appearance, into the world of who they are as a soul, seeking out a truer identity than most can even begin to understand. One moment I knew Maddy Lamb, and the next I knew her, as her soul really is, there were no secrets that weren’t revealed to me, everything she was, everything she desired to become, was laid out before me, devoid of the shell called Maddy Lamb, but it was still contained within the shell, and the shell became an extension of her soul, for the first time.

Everything I had chosen to believe before was swept aside, erased like it was never there, to be replaced with what I was finding myself enmeshed in, another’s soul, completely and totally; two entirely different souls, giving up their freedom of individuality. I could feel myself being immersed in everything her soul was and would ever be, we had left our shell, but had not, and we were meeting at every end, compromising nothing, yet accepting everything about each other, slowly becoming one. Trust did not exist, fear was a thing of the past, which had disappeared with time; there was no room for those things in purity; only love and joy and things of the light were present, we were encased in a bubble of it all, an unbreakable bubble. The only thing that existed in that bubble was all that was good, and it was so pure that time itself ceased to exist, and only positiveness was present, washing us to purity as we enmeshed.

Nothing could break us apart, not even the icy grasp of death’s hand, and even though death chose to take the shell known as Maddy, he was too late to take her away, because we were already one, in two differing shells. When her shell was destroyed beyond repair, she didn’t scatter through lack of containment, but some within me, for I was her, and we were one, so she same to rest within me, to be there until we are ready to move on, together. Death seeks me, and I saught him at one point, but there is something out there protecting me, protecting us from death, for we are meant to change the world, meant to show the world the true power of love, and show its people a new world, give them a chance to heal their wounds. “we were meant to live for so much more, but we lost ourselves, somewhere we live inside”, we were meant to teach the path, to show us all the way back to what we were truly meant for, to heal the wounds passed from our fathers, to heal the innate wounds, the wounds that run so deep we’ve never even been able to see just how broken we really are. We are the messiah of the broken, the wounded.

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