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Bringing Color to a Black & White World

March 18, 2012
By WritingGrrrl BRONZE, New Jersey, New Jersey
WritingGrrrl BRONZE, New Jersey, New Jersey
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"Life is too short to be organized."
"Oppurtunity only knocks once."

We are accelerating.
We are moving forth.
We are going at increasing speeds.

We are humans, where our daily journeys involve untangling the orphic mysteries and mishaps of life, one wobbly step at a time. We are self-sufficient, designed to drive forth, thinking in strictly first-person.We are taught to either dodge or run over the roadblocks in our daily life instead of taking the time to figure out why the roadblock is there-yet the question is, why do we do this? Why when conflicts arise do we fail to see in eachother’s perspective? Because we are individuals, the term itself meaning a single human distinct from a group; it is in our mindset to enunciate the pronouns “I” and “me”. Society as a whole is so focused about their own personal lives that it fails to see through the eyes of others-and that, my friend, is when conflict occurs, the fuel to this fire being lack of perspective.

As a person, shifting perspective is a skill that I have made sure to plant within my set of morals. The seed will grow to the point where the roots will wrap itself around every problem and shine the light of the solution harbored within. I believe that our decisions and the way we act are influenced by inner conflicts and events that aren’t visible to others, which is why I try to obtain the power of compassion. Every day, whenever I encounter a situation, I take a second to transform myself into the other person’s point of view and weigh the circumstances. I know my friend was acting moody because two of her closest relatives were undergoing terminal cancer; would causing drama based off that be necessary? I know that my parents would love for me to have a $2,000 DSLR camera, but would asking them for something that expensive logically have the outcome I want? It all starts with a change in perspective, a skill that I have yet to amplify through years and years of reading, writing, and simply undergoing life. My philosophy is if we as humans simply took the time to stop, think, and transform into the other persons, we could very well be finding ourselves in a more civilized world. That is what Raoul Wallenberg did after all; he understood the Jews’ pain and suffering and converted that compassion into courage to help restore thousands of lives.

But how as a society are we going to be able to teach how to comprehend and analyze one another? It isn’t something that can be passed down, and a lecture would go through one ear and out the other. One of the only ways that allowed me to obtain this is reading, also known as the art of perspective. As soon I process the words, my brain is replaced with the main character’s, and all of a sudden, everything they do, say, and feel makes sense. I cry along with the character’s pains, I laugh along with them at the joyous times. From reading and writing so much, it’s become an instinct to immediately understand people’s conflicts. I find myself going, “Oh, the main character from this book I read felt the same exact way….” whenever my friend is complaining to me about something. Yet, the population is beginning to lose interest in literature. If one of the only tools to perspective is slipping out of the next generation’s grasp, then it is my personal goal to make reading novels entertaining. I want to open readers up to a world that will not only provide intelligence, but the tool to having better relationships with one another. I want the future generations to comprehend each other’s difference, and solve them in a respectful manner, using the power of one person.

Perhaps the world may be accelerating forward, circulating on their own solar axis oblivious towards other people. Perhaps some people may continue to fight, let their fueds amplify into wars, let their oppositional conflicts tear apart relationships. But that will change. I will continue to place myself in other people’s shoes. I will continue to avoid pointless conflicts to the best of my abilities. I will continue to write and read. And surely, my novels will pave the pathway towards understanding one another. And like a chain reaction, people will follow. People will slowly obtain the power of perspective, and interconnect with one another. I will give color to a black-and-white world.

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