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Should Society Ban Divorces?

February 4, 2011
By Korissa BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Korissa BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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America’s economy is falling apart, mentally. The divorce rate in the United States at this moment is over fifty percent. Where I live, Arizona that is, has the frightful rate of over seventy percent. Getting married is a promise to you, your spouse, and God. If you’re not faithful, then don’t make that commitment. Divorces are an easy escape from couples attempting to give their marriage a chance.

Statistics on annulments and divorces are frightful these days. Only ten percent of the filings deal with abuse. What about the other ninety percent? Well, that has to deal with peoples’ own personal problems. Which, they should be able to figure out, since they are “grown-ups”. This proves how cowardly people are. How people in the world handle their problems; how they give up.

How are children so mentally strong? How do they get through life when they don’t have a solid family? Some children have corrupted childhoods because of families falling apart. Why do they deserve to switch between homes and parents bad-mouthing about each other? Oh wait, they don’t. Unfortunately, I am one of the statistics and ask myself those questions every day. I can see in the future, the rate of divorces falling down because kids from this generation will learn and realize how horrible it is.

I hope society realizes that not everything you want is right. That’s what making sacrifices are about. We as people should not make the commitment if we are not faithful to it 100 percent. Basically, the question is, “Should divorces be illegal?” I believe they should, unless there is abuse. Maybe that is a little bit extreme because this country is based on freedom but we should at least make the process much more difficult.

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My parents are divorced.

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