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Why can't we help?

February 8, 2010
By vegijeni SILVER, Griffith, Indiana
vegijeni SILVER, Griffith, Indiana
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The other day I saw that the movie "Avatar" had raised over 502. Million dollars. This was the same day I witnessed sold out jerseys for the football superbowl game. The jerseys started at 30-40 dollars. My mom went to a resturant that cost 40 dollars a person, and the huge resturant was filled.
It was also the same day I realized who we are.
The news is filled with how America is struggling and how people are being foreclosed. My family and I were forced out of our home, so we are foreclosure victims. But even if we don't look at ourselves, there are countries who would love to be an American. If you haven't heard about Haiti, you probably live under a rock. They NEED help, but instead we spend millions of dollars on entertainment. Of course, I'm not saying we shouldn't have entertainment. But I am saying, why are we the ones saying we don't have enough money to support people in other countries, or even homeless people right where you live? We obviously have the money to help the ones in need, but choose to spend it on our own wants. I know specific people who will see 2-3 movies a week with their friends. And half the time, they end up not liking the movie. So why can't we cut back? So, maybe you DON'T have alot of money, but you could still get the word out right? You can still encourage people to give to the poor instead of spending it on somthing they do not need. You can volunteer too! I am a volunteer at a soup kitchen on Saturdays. It usually takes up 3-4 hours of my time. As the expression goes - "No Big-gy"! Really, You'll love yourself for doing it and you will understand that you have made a difference in someones life.

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on Feb. 10 2010 at 6:13 pm
*~Lynx~* SILVER, Cathedral City, California
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your right, absolutly right, but we have become so incased in what we WANT that we dont see that its not something we NEED, it took years to make us who we are and it will take years to reverse it