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Hidden Talents We Look Over

December 13, 2009
By citygirl_tawni SILVER, Ottawa, Other
citygirl_tawni SILVER, Ottawa, Other
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WOW. I saw the middle school musical Lion King at my school- it was FANTASTIC, All the people whom I didn't expect to have an amazing voice did!
Some of the kids who are a bit of outcasts were the starts and boy were they amazing!!!
I definitely misjudged them. It's so funny for me to think that such young kids can have that much talent, and then I look at myself and see nothing. Of course, I am putting myself down. But i mean like WOW. It makes me think that we all misjudge people. We take firs impressions too seriously. We are in the modern era where looks, clothes etc matter and that we take it to the extreme. First impressions do count, but it shouldn't get in the way of anything. We are all the same, and you are not greater or lesser than anyone :)

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