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May 11, 2023
By Kianacaroline BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Kianacaroline BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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In Iran there is a tower in front of the Tehran airport, and it is called the “Azadi tower,” which translates to the “freedom tower.” Except it’s not. There is little to no freedom for the citizens of Iran. Recently a couple danced in front of the freedom tower. They were both thrown in jail and locked up. This tower, which represents the country’s freedom, is overrated. It is misrepresenting the basic right that isn’t being given by the government.

The primary reason why the freedom tower is overrated is due to the fact that it was made around the Shahs time, when the Iranian people were given “azadi,” freedom, but now that the Islamic republic has currently taken over and drained Iranians of their every ounce of freedom, it is outdated and overrated to keep calling the tower something that is not reality.

 It no longer serves its purpose and consistently shows what Iran used to be and what it isn’t any longer. Another reason why the freedom tower is overrated today, and specifically today, is that Iranians are having a revolution for the reasoning of not being free. They are chanting,” azadi, azadi, azadi,” meaning freedom, freedom, freedom. The Grammies, which were held last month, awarded Shervin Hajipour, the man who wrote and sang the song “Baraye,” for the most influential social change song. The people of Iran aren’t satisfied with the so-called freedom that they are given.

 It is extremely overrated to call the large tower standing above those entering the country, “the freedom tower.” Although there is a beneficial effect, which is remembering the freedom the once beautiful country had. It shows foreigners as they enter the country that it is more than its government. On the other hand, the people of Iran are calling other parts of the world for help. This should be respected and call out the lies the dictators are telling the rest of the world. The freedom tower is overrated but also deceiving foreigners by making Iran seem like a democracy.

Despite all these arguments Iranians were the creators of human rights, the basic rights that are given to us because Iranians created them. If the creators aren’t being given the right, then it is false representation for the Azadi tower to be up and hyped about. The overrated structure doesn’t symbolize equality in Iran like it used to. Freedom stands for so much. The most basic aspects of it are freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion. Yet if you speak out about the government, you are thrown in jail or more often killed. Many writers have been killed for releasing information about the oppressive government. Freedom to choose your religion and express it is practically a joke in Iran. If a strand of your hair pokes out of your hijab you are practically asking for the morality police to come after you. They will either kill you or throw you into a detention, where they do unfathomable things to women. Another freedom that we have in the United States that Iranians don’t, is freedom in expressing your sexuality. Being gay in Iran is considered a crime that WILL get you killed.

The list goes on and on music cannot be played in public, dogs are not allowed, dancing is not allowed in public, displaying affection in public is not allowed. The list goes on where the freedom does not. Iran is not the place that should have a freedom tower. The freedom tower is displaying circular reasoning. You are free because we have a freedom tower. The existence of the freedom tower is not only outdated but also disrespectful to the torture and deaths of the Iranian people, who have lacked freedom for OVER 49 years.

The author's comments:

I am part of the Iranian diaspora and a major activist for human rights.

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on May. 23 at 3:49 pm
Kianacaroline BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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@sjbrahm23 Thank you very much!!

on May. 23 at 3:46 pm
Kianacaroline BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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@zygayesg Thank you I'm glad I could help spread awareness!

sjbrahm23 said...
on May. 23 at 3:34 pm
sjbrahm23, Houston, Texas
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Wow this is so cool and eye opening. Very admirable work!

zygayesg said...
on May. 23 at 2:14 pm
zygayesg, Houston, Texas
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Nice job, Kiana! I feel much more informed and educated about how the Iranian government is oppressing it’s citizens.

on May. 21 at 11:09 am
Kianacaroline BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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@megantrixie Thank you so much!

megantrixie said...
on May. 18 at 9:30 pm
megantrixie, Houston, Texas
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This is so informative and well said!