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What The United States Flag Stands For

November 4, 2022
By lprobst SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
lprobst SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The U.S. flag stands for many things but I believe that the most important things it stands for are freedom, strength, and determination.  These three things are important because they represent Different aspects of American history.

Ever since civil rights were created, freedom has been the most important thing in America.  We have many types of freedoms including speech, religion, and the freedom to own guns.  Freedom is important to America because unlike other countries like Russia and North Korea, we do not restrict people from using their freedoms.

Our strength is represented by our soldiers and veterans that sacrificed their lives to keep our country safe from other countries that wish to destroy it.  Our strength is the main reason we celebrate veterans day, independence day, and hear the national anthem at sporting events including the Super Bowl. One of my teachers from elementary school was a veteran which was cool.

Our soldiers’ determination is extremely inspiring because it shows that they will not back down.  They remind me of Rocky Balboa when he is fighting Ivan Drago because they do not give up.

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