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No sense

May 28, 2009
By Nicholas Haugh BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
Nicholas Haugh BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
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War, racism and starvation it's out there. People oppress each other, point AK-47’s at each other. It's funny how I’m just sitting here writing about it when some poor sucker 5,000 miles away in Africa, the Middle East or God knows where is losing everything. I can imagine it, but to be there...

A man is dead, and I just accept it as a fact of life. While I sleep in Math Class, a person gets their arm blown off. I walk down the street while a bunch of people are running down the streets getting gunned down. I sit in my room speaking my Spanish. A poor kid sits on the street speaking prayers. Disturbing, but real at the same time.

I never understood something about the human mind. How can we just sleep at night knowing this is happening? How can we just forget it? How can we look at photos of pain and just look at it without crying or anything? I know, I guess we are better off that way, but still it's hard to think we are capable of that.

Do these kids have a mall to go to? No, they just have a burned down building to hang at. Do these people have money to spend on anything besides Food and Water? Do you have to ask? What do these people have? I'll tell you. A burned up building and 50 cents, that’s what they have.

There's no sense to it. If there is a reason why all this is happening, I don't know the reason. I can't imagine one good sensible reason why all this has to happen. I just sit here and accept it as a fact of life and human nature.

There is no sense to war. There is no sense to greed. There is no sense to any of these things. There is no sense to the way we look at it. There is no sense to us seeing it as human nature. If anybody has a good reason as to why any of this has to happen then I want to hear it.

There pretty much isn't sense to any of it. No sense at all...

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liveitup124 said...
on Jun. 26 2011 at 8:28 pm
liveitup124, .........., New York
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I think this was very well written and thought provoking, great job. It really makes you wonder about life.