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Teens Can Change the Globe

April 1, 2021
By Anonymous

Teenagers are constantly stereotyped. What most people don’t know is that they are bold and imaginative. They will go to huge extents for something they believe in. The opportunities are endless, the risks aren’t processed. Why don’t we believe they can change the world?

Teenagers all around the world have been inspired to make a change. Here are a few incredible teens who already have… Malala Yousafzai, Kelvin Doe, Iqbal Masih and Emma Gonzalez. These teens knew the consequences, some were shot and killed by adults, but they never hesitated. They changed the world. Malala, for instance, who fought for girls’ rights to have an education and got shot in the process. Kelvin Doe, who provided his whole city with power and radios using scrap metals and Emma who survived a school shooting and is now a gun control activist. Last of all, Iqbal, who at the young age of ten, escaped child slavery and helped save over 3,000 kids in Pakistan from slavery. He’s dead now…Murdered. Imagine killing an innocent ten-year-old for saving other children.

Technology is increasingly becoming a bigger part of our society. Teenagers have adapted to society and have therefore mastered the art of technology. If teens use this to their advantage, changing the world will be a piece of cake. Many teens have already invented devices that can change the world such as a DIY braille printer, a dementia patient wander warning device and many more. The internet makes changing the world a lot easier for the generation who know how to use it. These are many ways the internet can help; publicity is increased faster, teenagers can express their issues and can freely speak their opinions without the risk of being killed if they stay anonymous. Last of all, the internet also provides teens with endless information, so if they put their imaginative brains and technology together, they could easily change the world with a combination of dreams and skill. Teens have accomplished so many things we would’ve thought to be impossible a few years ago, with their imagination and endless opportunities. Who’s to say what they will accomplish next?

You may have seen the headlines ‘Heroic Teen Jumps in Front of Speeding Car to Save Little Dog’ and thought to yourself. Why? Well, us teens don’t process risk as well as adults do, we only see the positive outcome at the end. Honestly, we don’t have many people counting on us at this age, so what’s the worst outcome for pursuing our dreams? The frontal lobe part of your brain (the amygdala) processes risk and isn’t fully formed in your adolescent years. This is why teens don’t process risk as well as adults do. They will try to aim for things that adults wouldn’t even think of doing. A teens amygdala is also more imaginative and is more adaptive to situations.  Imagine this, you see a really sad post of an animal dying on Instagram. Your bored, you have nothing to do except assignments and you think to yourself, I want to do something. You feel like saving lives is more important than assignments, so you go for it, your parents will support you. On the other hand, imagine this… You’re at work, earning money so you can pay the bills and feed your family, an add pops up on your laptop showing dying animals. You can’t drop everything so you can try to change the world. This could destroy your future, ruin your life, and affect your loved ones and family. Teens brains really are perfect for changing the world. They prompt you to take risks, be more imaginative and they help you adapt. When you’ve got a brain like this and a heart full of emotion, why wouldn’t you want to change the world?

The author's comments:

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed, that's all who ever have.

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