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Got Protection?

May 19, 2009
By Anthony Sofie BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
Anthony Sofie BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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“May God have mercy upon our enemies, because I won't” - Gen. George S. Patton J, said famously during World War II. Its true, the United States of America is a state of peace for the majority; sure we have laws that we can doubt, and presidents that were not “ripe” on the responsibility tree, but what happens when it comes to war?

We don’t start it, mostly, but on the accounts that we don’t, why are so many people against the idea of returning fire? September 11th, a good day ending with 2,998 civilians and 19 terrorists dead because of suicide bombers sent via planes from Iraq. A giant explosion and we lose almost 3,000 civilians! 1,609 have lost loved ones, 3,051 children aren’t going to get tucked in at night by at least 1 of their parents, yet the people revolt against war with that country? Who heavily dropped the morale of our country, scarring the minds of many? Who has weapons of mass destruction that can be used on us?!

I believe we made the right decision, because our country needed protection on and after 9/11, and even now we need it, yet people regret going to war! I know many have lost their loved ones, family and friends alike, yet they died for that protection that they tried to supply the United States, and I feel mourn for all those lost, yet they have diminished the threat to the U.S.A, not entirely, but worthy of song and praise.

When people go to war, it’s their choice, despite the small chance of being drafted. Those who had a choice, made that choice for a difference! Yet they knew there was a chance, the chance increased because of that decision, and that chance is the chance you have of dying. So yes, honor the soldiers in Iraq, because I know I do, but when a loved one is lost, please know they took that chance, and don’t rebel against the whole war because of it, because I’m sure you were proud when your son or daughter went off to fight, and when they pass on, you damn the whole war because of it? Because many have encountered the same feeling you have felt, and they know their loved one took the same exact change yours took, so be proud of that choice, yet you can still mourn the loved one that sacrificed their life by making it.

Protection is the key word, because we all need it, but some can’t afford that kind of luxury, and that is why the U.S army is there, to make sure the enemies of us can’t get to you, and thousands of others. They are the big picture; they help with the deadly threats like some police men do, out of the precinct, they are the international police, to make sure deadly threats don’t step a foot near you. And when something does, and it kills and scars many, we have the right to stop and make sure they ever step foot in our country again!

The U.S army, they are giant restraining orders politically, warriors physically, and at peace mentally, because we rely on them, because if they weren’t there, we probably wouldn’t, because the enemy has bombed and pillaged us, so let me ask this: Can you allow and afford THIS kind of protection? Because this protection is free, and it covers everyone, no bill to pay or nothing, just loyalty.

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