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Genetic Engineering: A Scientific Revolution

May 11, 2009
By Brian Kohler BRONZE, Monroe, Connecticut
Brian Kohler BRONZE, Monroe, Connecticut
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Whenever the topic of genetic engineering is discussed the question of morality is always brought under consideration. For myself, there really is no question. Genetic engineering has the potential to vastly improve the outlook of the future. With it diseases could be eradicated, distasteful traits could be removed from society, and mental retardation could be erased from society. Meaning parents would no longer have to hope that their child would not be deformed, mentally impaired, or be born with genetic defects.

However, many fear mongers and alarmists have tried to connect genetic engineering and the racial discrimination. Not only that but some people have gone as far as to compare it to the sterilization programs that Hitler created. But, just because Hitler might have used this revolutionary idea to further his own twisted agenda does not mean that the entire process should be illegal. Plenty of people have used fire to reach their own not-so-moral goals but, that does not mean the fire should be illegal. The same applies to genetic engineering. Just because that some people will try to misuse something does not mean that we should make it illegal especially something that can have so many positive effects.

Then of course there is the inevitable argument that genetic engineering goes against god’s will. Well, there are flaws in that theory big enough to drive a truck through. One of which is the simple fact that if god did not wanted humans to use genetic engineering he could have easily prevented its discovery. Another flaw is that nowhere in the entire Bible, Koran, Torah, or any other holy book for that matter, does it say that genetic engineering is against gods will. And with those two flaws the entire theory falls apart.

So, remember next time that you are about to go on a rant about how evil genetic engineering is, that it could save lives, prevent mental disabilities, in your child, or brother, or sister. Think of someone that you know who is suffering from and of those problems and remember that with genetic engineering all of those diseases could one day be completely removed from society.

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