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Lucky to be Unlucky

April 29, 2009
By Abby Kern BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
Abby Kern BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Bad luck. What exactly is bad luck? The definition of luck is an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that leads to a favorable outcome. Thus, having bad luck leads to an unfavorable outcome. Therefore, the real question is, why does one have bad luck? Bad luck is often believed to represent bad karma. If one has wronged another in the past, they will soon be wronged. The odd thing is, however, some people have bad luck for what seems like no reason at all. These people try their best to be good people. They hold doors open, tip well, and save their money, yet the most unfortunate things still happen to them. Whether these folks trip In front of hundreds of people, are victims of hit and run accidents, or bitten by rabid dogs, they have all come to the realization that they have bad luck. For most, bad luck is fleeting. A state of being that only comes at the worst possible times. For me, however, I experience chronic bad luck. From being accused of cheating while really just loaning my friend and eraser to getting put on the wrong bus to the inner city I have had it all. This bad luck never ceases to surprise me. The question I ask myself most is “why me?” From my great studies and calculations, I have found that the reason I am burdened with such unfortunate luck is that I can handle disappointment well. I laugh in the face of embarrassment and turn awful experiences into great party stories. I have come to the realization that in an odd twisted way, I am lucky to be unlucky. Therefore, below the definition of bad luck, there shall be a small script statement that reads“; see Abby K.”.

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