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By Bethany28 BRONZE
Stoneboro, Pennsylvania

Being in marching band can quite literally have many impacts on a student's life. It can teach a student many things that can help them in life. The impacts might not show right aw...
Bethany28 BRONZE, Stoneboro, Pennsylvania
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No rain, no flowers.

katiespiropoulos BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Dukelinpoting BRONZE, Taipei, Other
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CMBARI01 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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"Why fit in when you were born to stand out," - Dr. Suess

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Fenton, Missouri
JURIA SILVER, Fenton, Missouri
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"A lesson without pain is meaningless. That's because no one can gain without sacrificing something. But by enduring that pain and overcoming it, he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart... A Fullmetal Heart."
~Edward Elric; The Fullmetal Alchemist

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MattSmith21 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
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Brian Allen BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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By Julianne Olson
Advance, NC
suryanshchauhan SILVER, Hamirpur, Other
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rinsophi BRONZE, Berlin, Maryland
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"I didn't get good by sitting there. I actually got up and did something."

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