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Real Cheerleaders

January 13, 2017
By Forestert2019 GOLD, Aroura, Missouri
Forestert2019 GOLD, Aroura, Missouri
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"If you don't throw yourself into something you'll never know what you could have had" Amy Winehouse

What do you think of when you hear cheerleader? You think of the mean girls, smart girls, or the dume ones. You think of all the stereo types don't you? Well none of them are true to what every cheerleader is like. At my school a our cheer caption is taking three college classes on the side and has a job. She is hard working and she loves to cheer. Witch is just supporting our school team. The same thing that everyone else does in the stands. The only thing that is different is that we have on a uniform. I am the trouble maker of the team but I still have good grade and make sure that I am at every practice and every game. We have boy cheerleaders and they are not part of the LGBT community they are straight, and wonderful cheerleaders. One has a job and if on the football team. The other is in the band and works hard know every cheer and all the moves. Of course we have the cheerleader who you can only be around for a little bite at a time but you still know that the team would not be the same without her. IN the end Not all cheerleaders are the same and we do not fit into some mold that people have made for us. So stop looking at your cheerleaders as the stereo types you think that they are.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this was people at my school calling the cheer team things that we are not. I hope that this shows people that cheerleaders are people as well and not what you think we are.

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