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College Going Overboard

November 9, 2016
By Shalneev BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Shalneev BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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College is the key to your future. Everyone tries to go to college to get a good education, therefore you can get a good job. Although some people can’t go to college because they can’t afford it. College is worth going to, but to some people is it worth enough to go broke. The prices are just too high. They should make it cost less than it is right now. The tuition and other thing are just too high.

The amount of money you have to pay for college is too much. This prevents a lot of people  from going to college. Lots of people say that college is good for your future, but how can you go if you don’t have enough money for it. There are a lot of people struggling just to go to college. The bad thing about this is that the prices just keep going up, they don’t decrease at all. For example on U.S. News there was an article by Travis Mitchell that said “In state tuition and fees at public national universities grew the most increasing staggering 296%. That’s only the numbers for public universities and not community colleges.” Basically college prices are going up over the years.

Let’s think about the future, kids need to go to colleges to get decent jobs and get money to provide for themselves and their future families. These days jobs mostly hire people that have been to college and had education from there, but if people can’t afford to go to college they won’t be able to get a good job and support their family. I’m not the only one that thinks that college tuition is too high. For example Mitt Romney says, “You can’t continue to have higher education tuition grow at a multiple or the rate of inflation.” Basically he is saying that you can’t have the tuition keep going higher.

Yeah it’s true that the money you spend to get into college can be used to make the college better and your experience there better, but it’s never guaranteed. For all you know they can be using your money for their own good. They probably don’t even use it to make the college better. You have to pay for a lot of things for college like books for your classes and other things too. So that’s a lot of money that colleges get.

Overall college is too expensive to get into for some people, but it’s also important for your future. So the price should be lowered instead of increased, but this only my opinion and people have their own opinions. It will be a good thing if college prices went down.

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