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Empty Halls or Quiet Ones?

September 4, 2016
By JamieTheMisfit GOLD, Hartsdale, New York
JamieTheMisfit GOLD, Hartsdale, New York
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The hallways of any school during the summer always appear to be vacant. Dark, long, and cold halls that students at some point will have to travel along to whatever god forsaken class they have. Here’s the secret though: school hallways--no matter what time of year--are never TRULY “empty”. Every tile, every locker, door, window, and classroom is laced with what students offer during the school year, whether it be secrets passed, tears dropped, or rib-breaking laughter. Knowing this, the building itself develops a personality along with an atmosphere that will always cause students to dread going, given the fact they know what the day has in store behind the big, metal, double doors. Take a stroll through your school now when it appears empty, but feel the chills on your skin when you start feeling like you aren’t alone.

The author's comments:

School is two days away, yet secrets are already mulling within the bricks built into the walls of our building.

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