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Get Up and Work

June 9, 2014
By Katieheu15 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Katieheu15 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Should learning be fun? Fun learning is when you are cooperating, communicating, moving around, interacting with others, etc. taking risks are a fun thing to do when it comes to learning, even though things may get complicated. People cherish learning which may have a great value. Therefore, learning should be fun because then you will want to learn more and more, even outside of the classroom(s).

A good way to start fun learning is getting active, in groups, and interacting. Porsche from Freedom Writers, states, “My best teachers have us up and doing experiments, working in groups…” Basically Porsche is saying you should be doing your own work instead of teachers telling you this and that or doing anything for you. They are there to guide you, not do your work for you. For example, I would want to do my own work, experiments and tests, of course. I would not want to be in a seat for an hour just listening and watching my teachers does all the work. I think it is best when things are hands on and that it is a better way of learning.

When it comes to fun learning, taking risks are a great way to go. In Fires in the Bathroom, Kathleen Cushman states, “… that taking an educational risk is worth doing.” Basically Kathleen is saying try new things. Risks help you grow as a person. A time I took a risk was in Mr. Johnson’s class, making PQC paragraphs. Meaning P stands for point, Q standing for quote, and C standing for connection. I never understood it, but I am trying this, something new. Now, PQC is all I do when it comes to writing. It is very helpful.

People cherish this fun learning. You do not get this every day, but you can if you make it happen. Learning helps you with everything in life. It gets you where you want and need to be and will definitely help you in the long run. You can teach others about learning in a fun and active way.
Learning should be fun because it is a good way to go. So go interact with other students and get your social skills on. Second, do your own work and have your own fun in classes, anywhere really. Lastly, cherish that fun learning moment(s) you get.

“Natural learning is a basically enjoyable thing to do.”

The author's comments:
I hope people will get that learning should be fun and it gets you to many places.

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