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Studying strategies for school and the future

January 19, 2011
By bokworm SILVER, Moreno Valley, California
bokworm SILVER, Moreno Valley, California
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The tools to overcome negative self talk is quite easy even though I have not mastered it I have stopped from putting myself down as bad as I once did a couple of years ago. Some rules and tactics are first look on the brighter side of things I’m not saying be a full on optimist but you should for example instead of saying “if I fail this test I will never pass this class” say this” if I fail this test I will study even harder so I can pass the next one”. This of course does not work unless you pull through. The next one is when you look at the work you get back look at your mistakes and learn from them you can even take notes to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Last one is don’t stress about things too much every time you talk about yourself in a bad way you get a little more depressed, if something gets you down just work harder and or do something that makes you feel better then get back to work.

Asking questions this is most likely one of the most concerns of teachers now days they all ways say ask questions. Well if you afraid I will give some tactics the first one is summaries I all ways ask questions in the longest possible form then it sound weird because I form the whole thing in my head. All you have to do is say the beginning then the end comes out by its self. Ok say you are an expert at asking questions but you need help getting you teacher attention. What you do is you write the questions you have down and when you teacher stops or asks for any questions you hand should shoot up. If you teacher still is ignoring your hand wait until after class then ask or if you really have to, interrupt a lecture. Last is if you’re nervous about asking something the teacher had just answered write it down on a piece of paper fold it up and give it to you teacher so it’s kind of anonymous.

Relaxing and getting comfortable while studying is easy but at the same time somewhat hard I will tell you how to do both without falling asleep and or getting distracted. The first is work somewhere clean; clutter, trash, and extra stuff around just causes too much of a distraction. Therefore, when you first start working take out one or two subjects to start with and as you get through each subject, you put the stuff of to the side or away. Getting comfortable does not necessarily mean on the bed in blankets with the heater in high in P.J.s practically falling asleep on your books. You should be sitting with your shoulders back not slouching at a desk or table if you cold then get a jacket. Every few hours or if you find you mind wandering get up and walk around, get a glass of water, or switch to a different subject no one says what goes first of or last when you’re at home.

Getting help the same day you do not understand is not the hardest thing you will do in school there are a few things that will help you if you do not know how to. One of them is tutoring at VDLHS my school there is tutoring every day of the week unless there is a flex day. If you do not have tutoring available, it is possible you can make certain arrangements that will get to help that day. Still if this is unavailable to you ask you parents and or look in the book. Even the internet as YouTube has systematic ways to complete problems.

Taking responsibility for your own success but mostly failures learning and school is in your hands not your teachers, parents, friends, or siblings. If you want to flunk out of school and work as a bum or a mooch for the rest of life than go ahead because when you fail a class or get lazy and give up that is on you not anyone else. My dad said the other day. “America gives you one free thing in life and that is your education from k-12, it makes you pay for everything you can’t even have a baby here without paying for it. So why do people throw it away like yesterdays trash?” He is right you need to take responsibility if you want success in life work hard in school and go to college to get a good job a nice home a good life. However, if you think that the teachers are sprouting nonsense acknowledge the fact that you will most likely be living out of a shopping cart or someone’s trash and at a park if even that. You chose which sound more attractive.

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this is an assignment for class and i am not much of a writer

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