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This is how I learn....

May 4, 2010
By LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
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I am at home doing my math homework, I will never ever use (-1,-3); Slope= 9. I don't know why they have us learn things we will ever use. I like math when I understand it, I can do x<2>10 (x>1)and 6x+8>50 (x>7) all day because I understand it. I might want to tell you the whole story on how I learn math. I can not ask my math teacher questions, I can not raise my hand to ask how do you do that, how do you get to that step no my math teacher is an old lady with fashion of a grandma. She is in my computer. I watch her like I am watching movies I can push pause, play, move on, and skip. Then after I watch the horrible video that last forever, the computer asks me questions if I get it wrong it gives me another chance, if I get the 2nd one wrong it shows me another correctly. Truth is I take more notes than I am expected to. I love taking notes I think its fun. I know weird but hey that's what I like to do. I have so many pages of notes from one school year it looks like it is notes in the class put together. When I look back at my notes to see if I can teach my self the problem it doesn't make sense. So I go on to the i and ask Yahoo Answers or Ask Jeeves, if that doesn't work I ask my parents, if that doesn't work I ask my "Teacher". After that I am screwed. My "teacher" is a on a computer. This program that is so famous for "everyone learns at there own pace" is a lie. There is a class pace line. If you fall behind the class pace line you either have to stay after school, stay in for lunch, or do a lesson or two at home. If you fall behind class pace line at the end of the year then you FAIL your math class. This program is called ICAN Learn but it should be named ICAN'T the way they are teaching us. They teach us by the teacher doing the problem on the board and then we write it down on a sheet of paper, this is how we try to learn. If we don't understand then we FAIL. Why do we learn like this? Well we have to "learn at our own pace" then why do we have a class pace line? I don't know. What if we fail a quiz or a test? Well we have to have 60% to pass a quiz. So even if we take the quiz 100 times the class pace line moves. Even if we try with all our energy to pas this one quiz we are failing the class. So why do they call it ICAN Learn when we can't learn?

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My school is trying a new program called ICAN Leran its a software that you learn math on... really it should be named ICAN'T Learn

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