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Pick the Right Path

September 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Which should you pick your right path? On summer, many football players want me to join football team so badly. I love to but I have two a PCC classes in the evening and afternoon. General Coach, head coach for football, tired persuades me to join football so I have a hard time. I talk with my conclude, Kathy, She helps me to go to education instead football. My principle, Nancy, want me to join a football for my last year. On tonight, my brother, Michael, keep talks and persuade me to join football so I felt my head start to enrage and madness so I yelled at him to shut up but he stubborn so I felt so overwhelm and many the problem in my brain like as office with ton of the paperwork on the desk. I am so furious. One night, I ride with my mom, brother and one of my friend, Steven. I discuss with my mom about football and college. My mom is not happy. She is look like wick witch and her eye stares sour to me because I don’t see at future I look forward to fun instead college. She yelled at me and I have made my decide to pick a PCC path instead the football path so. Why I pick the college path? Because I noticed that VR, supporter for college has spend me a $99,550 for my future goal to NTID or RIT, so I have to focus on the college and grade to prove to VR that I am a good student and show my skill level to match RIT or NTID skills. I learned the sport was worthless to my future. Education is big key to me future. Sport is worthless, because if you work hard and win the game so you will get the happy and fun, it is all. Education is worth, because if you work and study harder you will get the good job, successfully the in college and I glad that PCC helps me a lot and better than sport. Now you see about my life is pretty annoying to find the real path to future so I hope you pick the right path to successfully life. Be wise. Pick the right path instead failure.

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CassMill0209 said...
on Nov. 4 2011 at 8:49 pm
I'm spry, but you really have to work on your english skills. I couldn't understand your article at all.