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Are We Heading In the Right Path?

June 7, 2009
By Anonymous

High school students dropping out is a very common thing in our society, but it is also unorthodox. High school dropouts sentence themselves into a life time of failure. It is because of high school dropouts that most of the cities and schools are low on money. Depending on the amount of high school dropouts there are will also determine a city’s reputation. When students decide to dropout, it influences other people to do so as well. Furthermore, high school dropouts are the next generation, and if they do not show wisdom, it affects everybody around them.

The more high school dropouts there are, the less chances there are for other students to graduate. Every 29 seconds, a student gives up on school. This means that over one million students drop out every year. When a student drops out, the student is basically saying, “I don’t need school. Albert Einstein didn’t need it.” It seems impossible for a student to succeed doing things the way they want to do them. In addition, when a student drops out, it influences the generation before them to do the same. Also, it not only increases the rate of high school drop outs, but decreases the chances for a student to succeed and follow their dreams.

If students continue to do badly at school, then this problem will continue throughout the year 2020. At this rate, the amount of high school dropouts will turn into one-third of our population, most of which are African Americans and Hispanics. Influence is a big problem in the world. It traps other students into believing that high school is not important. In addition, high school drop outs do not get the same intelligence and wisdom that a student that completed high school would get. In fact, most dropouts will turn out to be unemployed, living in poor conditions, and end up having babies. Only a few people actually graduate from high school and do what they have always dreamed of doing. It is not worth working under difficult conditions with sweat pouring down your face when it was simpler to get an education and be able to get a job that can triple the amount of minimum wage.

According to statistics, a vast majority of dropouts earn around $9,000 less than a graduate. High school drop outs do not know this because it was meant for them to discover it by themselves. With all the high school dropouts there are, the world’s loosing many important people. This is because there is a good chance that the high school drop outs could turn out to be people who can make a difference in the world. It is obvious even if they do not go to school, they still affect the world. The government would have to collect $45 billion in extra school taxes if we were to continue like this.

The more drop outs there are, the more bad influences there will be. So hear me out, we must stop this epidemic. It is slowly spreading and one day it will consume us all. Until then, we must prepare for the worst which is yet to come.

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DaisyC. said...
on Jun. 10 2010 at 5:16 pm
DaisyC., North Bennington, Vermont
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By the way, I am a temporary "dropout". I will be going to another school next year, but I cut this one short. I am not only way happier now that I am out of school, but I am also learning tons more.


My life has not been thrown away.

EmmaNemma GOLD said...
on Jun. 10 2010 at 4:52 pm
EmmaNemma GOLD, The Shire, Vermont
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I can see your point, but I personally believe that is not the case. Many students that drop out are not because others have done it before but because of family influences from the time of their birth. Also, some people must drop out to earn money for their families. Homeschooled teens or teens that teach themselves have just as much of a chance to get into a college as someone who attended high school and in some cases a much better chance. This is a complicated subject that can not have teachers or scientists write conclusions on unless they themselves have been in the shoes of that specific teen which is dropping out.