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School Rules

June 14, 2022
By l0verbugg SILVER, Concord, Massachusetts
l0verbugg SILVER, Concord, Massachusetts
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Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to just-

Quit school. Oh, don’t worry. I’m raising my hand too, and so are hundreds of other people.

But, you should also raise your hand when you want to talk. No speaking your opinions though. Only questions or appropriate answers to my question.

No phones or electronics out in school. No music, no texting.

Sorry, that’s just the school rules.

Not my fault.

It’s just my job, so don’t cry over it.

But even when I cry buckets of tears, I need a piece of paper from an adult.

Even when I beg to go home, and I can’t speak properly, I’m not allowed on my phone.

How far can the school rules really stretch?

The incidents affect the whole school

Even if it’s just one trend

And one group.

Once again, not free until eighteen.

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