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Should Blended Learning be an Option?

June 7, 2022
By Anonymous

Covid and mental health has made it hard for teenagers to focus on their studies or even go to school. Some students may miss weeks of school because they don’t feel well about going to school. Students who get covid might need to stay at home for some time and they will miss many things in school. All of this could make the students give up on their schooling and just keep failing their classes or even drop out. A solution to this could be doing blended learning so students can show up for class even at home.  
Many schools don’t do this because they say that not every learner would have the same resources and it would be harder, almost impossible, for them to learn. While that might be a valid point, if schools gave students time to take care of themselves, they would come back as a better version of themselves. Blended learning reduces stress and increases student satisfaction, which is important because that also defines how well the students are able to learn (Anglia). Blended learning allows students to learn at their own pace and not feel the stress of catching up. The stress of going to school and trying to catch up stress's students out a lot and they end up not doing anything, but with blended learning, the student won’t have to feel the stress of going to school and they will complete their homework without the pressure and stress they would have from being in school and they wouldn’t procrastinate as much (Gautam).  
The downside to blended learning is that students might copy their homework from someone else, or online, and they won’t learn anything by themselves. If the teacher were to catch the student copying then maybe they can help stop the student from doing it, but if they don’t then the student will not learn anything during their time online. Many students have said that they haven't learned anything from being online and that it’s a waste of time (Hunt). There are also people who are too lazy to wake up early and just sleep through all their classes. These are all valid points on why students shouldn’t be able to do blended learning, but if the students are goal-oriented and are determined to learn then they can be trusted to do online learning. If the students aren’t credible and are lazy then someone should talk to them about why learning is important if they want to achieve something in their life If the student still doesn’t listen, they should find another solution and go back to normal school because they won’t learn anything.   
Parents should talk to them and make sure they are learning, so the students can improve their mental health and their learning abilities. If the student still doesn’t listen, they should find another solution and go back to normal school because they won’t learn anything.  Blended learning gives students more control over their learning. If the students are allowed to go home, then their mental health will improve and when they come back, they will be able to learn without skipping school every other day and keep missing their lessons. 

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