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On Responsibility

June 7, 2009
By stephany coronado BRONZE, Lawndale, California
stephany coronado BRONZE, Lawndale, California
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As the days pass by more and more kids or better yet teenagers that assist high school are dropping out of high school. Do they drop out just because they are worn-out of going to school? Or maybe they have superior problems on their shoulders like problems at home, or with their family, or with their friends. Maybe their teachers do not motivate them enough or on the other hand there are teachers who tell their students just too simply drop out of school.

I have a cousin of mine that almost never goes to school. He does not have any problems at home though. His parents are always persuading him to go to school and they are even willing to reward him if he goes to school. And I am like can it get any better than that? My mom does not reward me for coming to school; I feel that it is my responsibility anyway to come to school every day. So I do not really understand what the reason is for him not going to school.

However, he is in a little crew with wannabe gangsters. They are always getting into trouble and getting stopped by cops. They go around tagging in the neighborhood and smoke weed and whatnot. Every time I go visit him he gets stopped and checked by a police officer. I do not understand what’s so hard about just going to school, and why kids get involved in gangs and crews that are no good to them.

Some schools I think have the responsibility of making kids go to school. They should enforce their attendance and if they do not want to go to school then make the consequences bad. I agree with cops giving truancy tickets to those who ditch school and it sucks for them because your parents will find out that you got a ticket for not going to school. Teachers as well should be held responsible at some point for their students not attending class. There are some teachers out there that see no potential in some students just because they do not do their work. A real good quality teacher will be able to approach that student and find out why they do not do their work and try to help out. Teachers should not immediately fail the student at everything and have no sort of communication with their student. Students should be held responsible to wake up every morning and go to school. And teachers including all staff at the school should have part of the responsibility to make classes a pleasurable environment where students feel able to learn new things.

The author's comments:
what drove me write this article is the fact that many or too many people around me that i care about too much are heading down the wrong turn in life. and i hope that maybe i could open their eyes but sometimes that just isn't enough. so maybe seeing and reading an article and showing how it really is out there in life with no education, can open their eyes.

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on Dec. 4 2009 at 8:11 pm
AnImE_LoVeR54, National, California
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Teens or people, that I should say that they should not be in gangs or that they should be resonsible and go do there work and at least get good grades to.

(And by the way nice story :-)