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My Goal

September 23, 2019
By AgustinAP SILVER, Sacramento, California
AgustinAP SILVER, Sacramento, California
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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Dreams are something that everybody has, and wants to achieve and accomplish, and will work hard to accomplish. My dream Is to get  into a top college and be successful throughout my whole time their. I will do anything to accomplish this dream, whether i have to practice taking the SAT or ACT over and over, practice getting organized, researching the top college expectations or requirements or maintaining As/4.0 GPA for the rest of the time until the end of high school. 

This matters to me because I want to be the first person in my family to finally go to college, well my mom went to college but didn't finish high school or finish college and my brother graduating high school this year, so this challenges me to get accepted to a great college and graduate from it. This matter to me because I want to make my mom proud n prove that i can accomplish big things because most of my family couldn't, andare in bad situations right now.


The help I will need is to research things that i will need to do that can be added to my transcript. For example, joining a program will help me, because it is most likely to be added to my transcript for college, or even just volunteering somewhere. Teachers talk about it all the time, Joining programs will always help when applying for colleges because it will always appear in your transcript, whatever you have participated in. This will also give me different skills in learning whatever programs I joined or participated in, it will really help me The first thing that i would have to do is focus on getting my grades to all As, because those are one of the things that colleges look at. Grades were always important to me, but the highest GPA I have ever gotten was A 3.7 GPA. This year I am going for A 4.0 GPA, in both semesters of my junior year. It is going to be challenging because of the fact that I always wanted a 4.0 GPA but was never determined and tried really hard for it. 

The help I will need is from teachers that have already experienced college and has went through the whole thing in college, so they can tell me what challenges they faced what they had to do to get there or accepted to that college they went to. Pretty much the help that I will ever need is myself to stay on track and follow the steps that i have set for myself. Also will need some teachers, to ask questions because they are the ones to go to. They have experienced college and knew how hard it was and what it took to get into their college. 

Although, my dream is only to go to a great college and others are better dreams like being a doctor or pediatrician. You have to go to college before doing any of that, so instead of setting my goal to be an electrical engineer, I set my goal to going to a good college for engineering and would work my way up that way.

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