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Educator Of The Year

May 29, 2019
By WedWolf16012 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
WedWolf16012 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
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Educator Of The Year

When I First Came To Delaware Military Academy, the first person to welcome me was Master Sergeant Howie. Master Sergeant Howie is my choice for the Educator of the Year. When I was ending my eighth grade year and searching for high schools, I chose to go to Delaware Military Academy’s open house. When I walked in, Master Sergeant had a long talk with me asking what I want to do for a career. At that time, I had no possible clue what I would want to do knowing that I was only becoming a ninth grader.

Master Sergeant Howie is a Naval Science Instructor for the freshmen class. As a Master Sergeant of the Marine Core, Master Sergeant Howie uses the experience he has and brings it to Delaware Military Academy. He motivates his students to follow others and to step up and show leadership. Master Sergeant gives the opportunity for cadets to apply for platoon jobs to represent their leadership. While in the platoon, Master Sergeant Howie expresses humor to cadets to keep them focused.

Master Sergeant has taught my peers and I one of the most valuable talents at DMA. To me, I thought that drill was going to be a very hard concept to understand, but it turns out, Master Sergeant made it seem like a piece of cake. He recently promoted me to Assistant Platoon Leader because he believes that I express leadership. Once I got into this job, I became really excited and thanked him for giving me this opportunity to command other cadets. I feel that Master Sergeant really wants to teach his classes that leadership is a life necessity to be successful.

Another awesome quality Master Sergeant has is that he pushes us to our limits. As a cadet at Delaware Military Academy, we work for and receive awards; it’s a top priority. When I realized that I had to work for these ribbons, I immediately wanted to make Master Sergeant proud of me, and I wanted my peers working just as hard. Most of my students and friends strive to become better and better every day. One day it will all support you if you apply to join the military or apply for a job!

The last quality I would like to acknowledge about Master Sergeant is that he’s always there for you. If you are ever in a state of depression or anger, you can go to Master Sergeant Howie, and he will talk to you about anything to try and overcome the state of emotion you are in. One time, I was accused of doing something I did not do, and I immediately went to Master Sergeant because I knew he would understand me. He sat me down and I talked to him. After this, he went to the teacher I had the issue with, and we sorted it out. In conclusion, Master Sergeant Howie is the best choice for Educator of the Year because of all the ways he helps cadets and makes others successful!

The author's comments:

As a cadet at DMA I am proud to nominate my teacher! He has taught me knowledge that i would not get at any other school and I thank him for that.

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