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Could This Be the Fix to School Stress?

April 1, 2019
By JackHuggins BRONZE, Chillicothe, Ohio
JackHuggins BRONZE, Chillicothe, Ohio
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Students in today's schools are extremely stressed out because of homework, tests, and fitting into the superior society within their school. The load of stress on students today is higher today than it ever has been. Some state this is due to the younger generations not knowing hard work and not trying hard enough. A survey from the British Journal of Psychology states, “By mid‐course 9% of previously symptom‐free students became depressed and 20% became anxious at a clinically significant level.” Mid-course is half way through the year and due to student stress more and more kids are becoming depressed and anxious.

There are many reasons that play into student stress and some of them are not expected. Most kids that are in school and have parents at home tend to blame them for stressing them out to much and leading them to believe that they need to succeed. According to an Educational Review, “Parental Factors were found to have little or no association with children's perceived educational stress” (Jiandong). Due to this information, student stress is not related to parents effects on their kids. Now the question is, what leads to students stress? Oxford Learning states a few of these issues, “A Heavy Workload, Lack of Organization, and Getting Good Grades.” These are definitely things in today’s world that affect the stress levels of kids today. A heavy workload and lack of organization affect the way a student acts and it can affect the mindset of the person. The getting good grades claim backs up student stress strictly based off of grades and education, so this makes sense in accords to why students are getting so stressed.

The question everyone wants the answer to is, “How can I not be so stressed?” This is a question has many answers, some of them are complicated but the most simple and profound answer is to learn to change your mindset. According to Stiffelman, “You cannot get stressed out unless you believe your thoughts” (HUFFPOST). This quote portrays how easy it is to change your mindset. If you do not believe that you are stressed you will not feel stressed. Sarah Stiffeman recommends to think of anything you can do to not think about stress, so you slowly start to shift your mindset to make you a more positive person and you don’t stress out as much. A lot of the people struggling with stress today in school is because they get an, “I can’t,” mindset, the goal is to get the, “I can,” mindset because due to Sarah’s hypothesis it will make you stress less. In summary, there are many ways to reduce stress but when it comes down to it, it is literally all in your head, this may be the solution to stress worldwide. So why not give it a try? It just takes the first step.

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This is a piece written for an article project in my freshman Honors Language Arts class. 

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