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Should Earphones Be Used In School?

December 11, 2018
By gisseelah SILVER, Sacramento, California
gisseelah SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Often times students are told to not use earphones during class or between classes because it is a huge distraction. This has been an issue for many years. Listening to music reduces stress levels and helps students concentrate more. Although the authorities in the school think otherwise, it is proven that music is a way to become more focused on a task given to you.  

For most students, school can be a boring and negative environment to learn in. With earphones in use students can easily get back on task and avoid getting in trouble. When music enters your brain it releases dopamine, this is a pleasurable feeling.  This is important for teachers and other staff members because it is obvious that they want a peaceful place to have their students learn.

Authorities in school are very strict about this topic. It is understandable that teachers feel that earphones in class is a huge distraction and rude. This can be solved by having the students use them in a professional matter, like while using the laptops. Many students feel that they concentrate more when they listen to music they like. It is more peaceful than listening to peers scream and talk more than they should. Also, when students are “in their zone” it is more likely for them not to get in trouble.

Teachers would disagree and say that students could not use earphones because they can be using social apps, which is useless during class time. Although, it is very different if a student goes on their phone for a few seconds to change a song than being on their phone all period. Earphones can also distract from the lesson being taught.

In conclusion, headphones are a useful tool for students who want to stay focused and students who want to stay out of trouble.  

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I was very intrested in writing this peice because I really like using my earphones in class. 

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