Today's Generation

February 5, 2016

You know that one person who wears a really terrible cologne that smells like a skunk who's lived off of dead squid and Mexican food for half of their life but only because "it's a new trend"? Yeah. I know a lot of people like that. SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Vine. Everything is at the tips of our fingers everyday. We could be making history. We could be inspiring people, creating dreams out of dust. Instead we throw the metaphorical mud in the air an dit comes back at our faces. It stains us. Sure, there's pretty soap, but everyone will remeber when you threw that mud. It's metaphorical, but it can still stink, hurt and stain you for life. What if people started throwing light glitter? That doesn't hurt, stain or stink. It might not be popular or totes-trendy-girl, but hey, it's better than seeking out that attention to be seen. If you want atention and you want to be seen, build a skill or a talent you could use as a hobby or a career one day. Don't go around busting people's guts trying to stomp your way to the top. That's just low down. My message that I want you to switch pages with: Put a prayer, inspirational quote, positive artwokr, advice or a picture of yourself without makeup/jewelry on and post it as: "Clean." Nothing else. Just put "Clean." No emojis, hastags or any other symbols. Try it for a week. Then progress to two weeks, then a month and eventually a year. Clear out your drama and stress like you try to clear acne. If you can clear acne, you can clear out your drama and negativity in your life. Try it. This is my advice to Today's Generation. Especially the 2020 Graduate Generation.

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Lord.of.Words said...
Jun. 26, 2016 at 11:40 pm
I like the line "We could be inspiring people, creating dreams out of dust." I completely agree; much of Today's Generation is too occupied with something like buying the perfect necklace for a single Instagram photo, or updating their relationship status, to care about long-term stuff. There was one spelling error: "positive artwokr." Overall, this was a great article, thanks for writing it. :)
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