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June 2, 2015
By Kaleigh Conroy BRONZE, Paw Paw, Michigan
Kaleigh Conroy BRONZE, Paw Paw, Michigan
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I believe that you have heard about food, and I am pretty sure that you eat food all the time.  Food is magical like a big giant food unicorn flying over a rainbow of multicolored goldfish crackers.  Some people say that food revolves around their life and that person is me.  Sometimes I can eat a whole entire can of pringles and it is like gone in a snap.  I get so mad because I really like pringles and I can’t even savor the pringles because I ate them all.  I just really like food.

Let’s talk about the different kinds and types of food.  I really like the unhealthy stuff, you can not resist the chips, french fries, pizza oh the glorious piece of pizza.  Pizza has to be, by far, my favorite food.  My Mom loves a pizza but it has goat cheese, and brussel sprouts, that just makes me gag.   A piece of pizza, the most best, yummiest food in the world, is on a plate with my name on it.  Why is pizza so good? I bet if you google it something will come up let’s see... it’s all scientific crap that no one wants to read. What is up with the world today? It is all scientific and scientific. 

Now, some foods are just outrageous, for instance seaweed which comes from the bottom of the ocean, now who wants to eat that?  Some foods can look good and taste nasty, and some are the other way around. There is a lot of food choices and different kinds of cuisines, japanese and chinese those have really weird foods.  I think the people’s reactions when they eat food is like they are lived by something that really is not a human. It is almost like food love nice and warm and very cuddly like a soft little kitten and you can just hear it purr and purr all the way.  I like cats and food.


When I arrive to school, I always think about food, eat food, and dream about food.  I do that because I never eat breakfast and I am always hungry no matter what.  I really like pop tarts they are super delicious. When I eat pop tarts it’s like magic in my mouth, I like the strawberry ones and those are my favorite. I really like breakfast foods the best because there is a lot of choices like, pancakes, waffles, toast, cereal and a bunch of other that I can’t remember.  You can even have breakfast for dinner! Now that is pretty sick nasty.

Pizza is the best food on the planet, like it’s really good and I just love the taste.  I don’t really like Italian food and when I say that people give me “you-are-the-weirdest-person-alive” and I’m like can you not.  But, probably the only Italian I like is pizza.  I think you shouldn’t  put nasty things on pizza because pizza is really beautiful on it’s own like me. I also really love cookies and cupcakes, I really like anything sweet like chocolate.  Anytime I see chocolate I race like a horse on the derby track and get that chocolate.


Sometimes, I have rabid dreams about food, I scare myself a lot.  Like if a big giant mutant piece of pepperoni pizza chased you around the school and ate all of the kids and they all scream AAAHHH!!  Don’t you just dream about the stupidest things? I just did because I just told you so.

I don't like foods that people usually like, for example I think that mac and cheese is the worst food on the planet. And I know that it’s the worst food on the planet, you probably think that I am really strange and “I don’t live on this planet” but my name is Kaleigh that is also a strange name.  Mac and cheese is the broken leg to the little boy’s body, it is literally horrible.  Pasta is the main thing I don't like because it kind of tastes like squishy bread soaking in vinegar for more than twelve hours. So, that is a wrap on mac and cheese.


Food is just not food,  I think that food is love.  Food can be so warming and loving that you think that it is some kind of  a person. Food can be disgusting like some people in your or our lives. Sometimes you have to wait for the good things in life like when, you get out of school and you are finally have freedom from homework and school. Food is an escape to yummy paradise, it makes me feel like I am a unicorn flying on a rainbow of multicolored goldfish crackers.

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